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  • ד״ר טל מימרן

Artificial intelligence use in the IDF should be cautious, expert says

While generative AI tools have been around for a while, it’s starting to raise questions as it gets more mainstream. Recently, high-ranking officers in the Israel Defense Forces have announced that Israel is using Artificial Intelligence in its arsenal and using it in areas such as generating targets and protecting against border infiltrations. But can AI be trusted? We put the question to Dr. Tal Mimran, of the Tachlith Policy Institute research, and director of the Federman Center for Cyber Security Research.

By Tal Mimran, 2.3.2023 | English News Highlights

ד"ר טל מימרן

הוא ראש תוכנית "אמנה חברתית לעידן הדיגיטלי" במכון תַּכְלִית, חוקר ומרצה בתחומי המשפט הבינלאומי והסייבר.


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